Hard Tonneaus are a great way to protect your bed from the elements and unwanted guests! Primarily they will be in three versions: a retractable type, folding type, and one piece type.

  • Your retractable hard covers offer a few key features. They do not need to be taken off, which will help you avoid having to remove the cover completely to fit cargo in your bed, while offering maximum security when extended. Newer designs minimize bed intrusion of the canister the cover retracts into, allowing you to keep using most of the interior room of your bed. They are generally very low-profile, so they're attractive to boot! Here's a sampling of our most popular offerings:
  • Folding type covers allow you to fold the cover into a semi-open position quickly for additional room, or can be taken off completely for the maximum amount of free space. Some don't use brackets to secure themselves, ensuring your truck bed has the most space available when the cover is off!
  • One piece types offer great looks in both painted to match and black versions. Styling is through the roof on these as well, since they compliment the natural body lines of your truck. They are an especially good value, especially in black, so don't write off a hard cover even if you don't think they're affordable!


Roll N' Lock

The Roll N' Lock M-Series and A-Series covers are our most secure line of hard covers. Extremely durable, they will ensure a determined thief will have to get noisy to breach your cover, so don't compromise especially if your cargo is irreplaceable! We also have a scale model of the M-Series for you to try out in our showroom so you can try it for yourself!


UnderCover Flex

The Flex by UnderCover is a hard folding tonneau cover that offers fantastic versatility! It offers three different riding positions: folded down, 3/4 bed access, and full bed access with the cover in a 'propped up' position. When driving on long trips with tall cargo, the cover can be removed and stored easily!


Rugged Liner Hard Tri-Fold

The Hard Tri-Fold by Rugged Liner is one of our most popular hard folding covers! Easily installed or removed in six minutes or less, there are no brackets or other parts retained in your bed when removed! If the absolute most in available bed space when removed is important to you, look no further than Rugged's Tri-Fold line!


UnderCover Elite & Elite LX

This cover sets a new standard in black & painted tonneau covers! UnderCover has yet again brought you the best! Standard features include an ergonomic grab handle, cargo lanyard, and with a carpeted headliner topped with the highest quality and best matching paint finish available in the LX model! With its incredibly durable ABS Composite materiel, you can be assured that the structure of your undercover will last for years to come.


UnderCover SE & LUX

The SE & LUX series of hard single piece covers by UnderCover offer the same excellent structure and access as the Elite and Elite LX series, but at a lower cost! Both covers feature style lines with a rear spoiler, a weather resistant single point lock, LED light, and in the LUX model, a painted to match finish!